Case Studies

The Australian Institute for Commercialisation (AIC) has worked with clients from all industry types.  The following case studies are a sample of the broad range of services delivered by the AIC over the years.

For further information on any of these case studies or others, please contact us on: 1300 364 739.


SME and Industry

Case study for the Advanced Technology Systems Australia

Case study for Blade Electronic Vehicles

Case study for B&C Plastics

Case study for Copeland Industries

Case study for Ductair

Case study for Flomarine Industries

Case study for Fred Bergman Healthcare

Case study  for Frontline Australasia

Case study for Fyna Foods Australia

Case study for Klein Architectural

Case study for La Casa Del Formaggio

Case study for Placid Pools

Case study for Redarc Electronics

Case study for Ripcurl

Case study for Russell Mineral Equipment

Case study for SVP Industries

Case study for U-Fit (Australian U-FIT Security)



Case study for Bilby and Wallaby

Case study for Life-Haler

Case study for Niagara Therapy

Case study for Perfect Pour

Educational Workshops

Agricultural Plastics Innovation Clinic

Food Collaboration Workshop

Renewable Energy Innovation Clinic

Why My Innovation Needs A Value Proposition

Innovation in Business Workshops

Ideas2Market Masterclass


Research Organisations

Case study for the Australian Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre

Case study for the Australian National University

Case study for the CSIRO

Case study for the Hear and Say Centre

Case study for Monash University

Case study for Newcastle Innovation

Case study for the Pork CRC

Case study for QUT Bluebox

Case study for UniQuest

Case study for the University of New England

Case study for the University of Southern Queensland

Case study Victorian Centre for Advanced Materials Manufacturing



Case study for the Jiangsu Centre of International Technology Transfer

Case study  for the SIRIM Berhad

Case study   for the University of South Carolina

Case study  for the Queensland Academy of Science, Mathematics and Technology

Case study  for  the UK ICEBERG Associates

Case study  for the Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology



AIC Commercialisation Masterclass

This Professional Development workshop will assist researchers, product managers and entrepreneurs derive full value from their innovations and is designed for those with a general understanding of commercialisation principles.



“A very engaging and wide-ranging discussion truly made it an entertaining event”

Senior Project Officer, Science Partnerships & Engagement (DEEDI)