Commercialisation Education

In today's competitive environment, targeted professional development plays a crucial role in ensuring research organisations and universities maximise the impact of their research through strategic intellectual property management and a positive commercialisation culture.

The AIC can deliver private, professional development workshops for your organisation that are tailored to suit your industry and training requirements. Our programs including the Commercialisation Bootcamp and the Commercialisation Masterclass have been delivered with great success to more than 50 universities, CRCs, private industry associations and public sector agencies across Australia.

Commercialisation Bootcamp

The Commercialisation Bootcamp is an intensive, two-day professional development program, which introduces participants to the various stages of the commercialisation process, from structuring a research program through to realising the potential of commercial outcomes in the market. Throughout the two days, participants apply the principles learnt to their own situation in interactive workshop sessions, in order to enhance their understanding and commercialisation capability. The workshop sessions culminate at the end of the program in a pitch competition, where participants present their workshop projects to a panel of mock investors.

Topics covered in this workshop include: Commercialisation pathways, understanding intellectual property, legal issues relating to commercialisation of IP, tailoring your invention process to achieve commercial outcomes, R&D partnering, funding and sourcing capital and more.

Commercialisation MasterClass

The Commercialisation MasterClass is the next step in commercialisation education and will assist participants to derive full value from their research and development activities. This interactive workshop program is designed for past Bootcamp participants and those who already possess a basic understanding of commercialisation principles, as it builds on and extends existing commercialisation knowledge and techniques.

As part of the workshop the following areas will be explored: Strategic management of technology, negotiating technology deals, improving buyer relationships and valuation of IP. Additional topics specific to your needs or industry can also be included on request. 

Registration of Interest

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AIC Commercialisation Masterclass

This Professional Development workshop will assist researchers, product managers and entrepreneurs derive full value from their innovations and is designed for those with a general understanding of commercialisation principles.



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