Facilitation of Collaboration Projects for Government

One of the features of the traditional procurement process across government is that it provides very little flexibility to address innovation, particularly in relation to projects with higher-than-normal technical risk, or projects that potentially have broader community and public value outcomes.

While agencies will often enter into research projects with public sector research organisations, such activity is often totally distinct from projects that leverage collaborative research activity to address short-term operational needs where technical risk is present.

As a result, projects involving future investment and multiple stakeholders often stall because they can neither overcome these technical hurdles nor clarify the functional requirement for procurement in the market.

The AIC's Collaborative Research and Development (R&D) Framework seeks to address these issues and adopt principles of research collaboration to create innovative, proof-of-concept pilot projects.

The Framework provides a legal model and associated business processes that satisfy priority requirements and reduce the risks through proof-of-concept activity external to, but still informing, the procurement process. These have been tested and trialled in a number of agencies to support their innovation service agendas.

Additionally, the Framework allows for the introduction of up-front strategic advisory services to determine the value of any project and collaboration before it commences. These value determinations can be identified, agreed, measured and validated as part of any collaboration effort. Value can often be described and negotiated in terms of intellectual property (IP), which the Framework and AIC services support.

Services provided under AIC's Collaborative R&D offering are:

  • blue-sky clinics to address longer term government investment outcomes, with government, industry, and research stakeholders
  • strategic collaboration advice and facilitation for potential collaborations
  • delivery and facilitation of project workshops
  • organisation of industry briefings 
  • contract negotiation, drafting, and execution
  • project management of collaborative R&D projects
  • third party verification of outcomes

If you are a government or public sector agency that requires assistance with projects with “high” technical or business risk, or that has multiple stakeholders, which creates additionally complexity, the AIC may be able to assist.

To enquire and seek further information about AIC services for government, please call 1300 364 739 or email gis@ausicom.com

AIC Commercialisation Masterclass - Brisbane - 28th July 2011

This workshop will assist participants to derive full value from their research and is designed for those with an understanding of commercialisation principles.



“VCAMM continues to turn to the AIC for Market Research because fo their unique approach, rapid response and fair cost”

James Sandlin, VCAMM, Program Manager