Project Management of Commercialisation for Government

Government and public sector agencies potentially have a range of intellectual property (IP) that has real or perceived value. Such IP can be shared with other government agencies or industry to generate value. Benefits to government include a reduction of cost due to newly realised efficiencies, a potential revenue return, and enhanced public value or community outcomes.

Commercialisation in government is the process of providing the rights to a third party to use IP owned by government. This generally involves licensing contracts to formalise agreements to the exchange of such IP, and rights to use it.

Over the last six years, the AIC has achieved a track record of significant experience in assisting government and public sector agencies with commercialisation. Through our networks across government, research, and industry sectors throughout Australia and overseas, the latest innovation, expertise, and technologies can be introduced to assist government to achieve their desired outcomes. The AIC has specific expertise are in areas of:

  • health and medical technology
  • environmental sciences and sustainability
  • mining, energy, and clean technology
  • information and ICT

AIC's services include:

  • internal analysis and market research of commercialisation opportunities and projects within government
  • project management of government commercialisation activities, using established, tried and tested processes that ensure transparency and probity through the process
  • facilitation of workshops between potential partners for industry development
  • commercial negotiation expertise and experience
  • contract drafting and execution
  • ongoing contract management services

If you are a government or public sector agency requiring assistance to commercialise your IP and require experience and know-how in evaluating, managing, and negotiating commercial agreements for government, the AIC can assist with your requirement.

To enquire and seek further information about the AIC services for government, please call 1300 364 739 or email

AIC Commercialisation Masterclass - Brisbane - 28th July 2011

This workshop will assist participants to derive full value from their research and is designed for those with an understanding of commercialisation principles.



“This workshop was exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level - now time to go and implement all I've learnt”

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