ICT Commercialisation Program


What is the ICT Commercialisation Program?

The AIC's ICT Commercialisation Program is an initiative that supports the increasing efforts by the public sector to leverage further value from their significant investment in ICT. Strong recognition that ICT investments may have inherent value to other agencies or industry, has led to a growing desire to commercialise the IP that those investments embody.

The AIC has been delivering the program on behalf of the Queensland Government since 2005 and has successfully completed 60 IP transfer agreements over that time.  Although the majority of these projects have been executed with Queensland-based SMEs, there are approximately 10 user licenses that have been completed between government jurisdictions, or between government and private industry.  

The program is currently being delivered across a range of government departments and agencies in Queensland, and has also delivered services into other state jurisdictions:

  • Queensland Health 
  • Department of Housing
  • Queensland Studies Authority
  • Department of Natural Resources and Water
  • Department of Communities
    – Smart Services Queensland
  • City of Melbourne Council
  • Department of Emergency Services
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Department of Mines and Energy
  • Queensland Police Service 
  • Department of Child Safety

How the Program Works

The ICT Commercialisation program was established to optimise return on investment to government, by unlocking hidden value in ICT technologies created as core agency business.  The program also fulfils an industry development function by increasing market access to government ICT IP and to date more than 200 opportunities have been presented to industry for further commercial exploitation.  

The further strength of the ICT commercialisation program to agencies stems from the government-endorsed governance frameworks and mechanisms the AIC has developed.  Using these, project management activities are more effective and achieve government outcomes and high standards of probity, transparency and equity, without impeding the commercial realities of the opportunity.

Value to Government

By using the services available as part of the AIC's ICT Commercialisation Program, government agencies responsible for service delivery can achieve:

  • Cost reduction through sharing or re-use of pre-existing IP from around Australia
  • Improved service delivery through improvements arising as a result of better identification, management, use, and development of agency IP
  • Revenue streams from commercialisation of IP
  • Better procurement outcomes from collaborative R&D engagement pre-procurement
  • Improved staff performance from an “IP-aware” culture due to IP professional development programs and implementation of IP and commercialisation frameworks

For further information on how the ICT Commercialisation Program can help you please contact us at gis@ausicom.com or phone 1300 364 739.

AIC Commercialisation Masterclass - Brisbane - 28th July 2011

This workshop will assist participants to derive full value from their research and is designed for those with an understanding of commercialisation principles.



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