Inventor Service

One of the key challenges for anyone attempting to take new opportunities to market is the issue of 'what to do next'.

Often there are questions such as 'Who are the target customers for your idea and how will you reach them?' or 'How much will it cost to take your idea to market and how will you fund it?' which need to be answered in order to progress an opportunity.

Often inventors and innovators struggle to answer these questions and turn an idea into commercial reality.

This challenge is widely recognised and in 2008 the AIC was asked by the Queensland Government to provide a free specialised service to entrepreneurs resident in Queensland. The AIC subsequently developed a web-based self-help system - The Inventor Service - to provide the resources needed, so these individuals could assess their ideas and begin to prepare their idea for market entry.

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The Inventor Service is a joint initiative of the Australian Institute for Commercialisation (AIC) and the Queensland Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and The Arts (DSITIA).



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