Innovator / Inventor Consultation Service

This service is aimed at Queensland Innovators / Inventors seeking assistance to progress the development of their ideas, to the market. 
The Queensland Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation (DSITI) is funding our experienced commercial advisors to provide one-to-one consultations in person, online or by telephone by appointment.

The Consultation service provides tailored assistance to innovative Queenslanders:
  • Speak with an experienced Business Advisor
  • Ask questions in a confidential consultation
  • Understand the steps to take your 'Idea to Market'
  • Access valuable resources and connections

Whether you are a Queensland Inventor, Entrepreneur, or Small to Medium Business person wishing to innovate and needing some advice, information, connection or direction, this fully subsidised service may assist you.

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The Consultation Service provides targeted support for new-to-market innovations, whether domestic or export opportunities, and provides help in:

  • Understanding local and foreign Customers, Suppliers and Competitors
  • Accessing Market Research and data applicable to new opportunities
  • Assisting to identify International Opportunities, overcome Cultural Barriers, and improve Negotiation, Planning and Risk Management
  • Building understanding and management of intangibles such as Intellectual Property and Skills
  • Taking 'Ideas to Market' (e.g. Prototyping and developing Proof of Concept; developing Feasibility Studies; and Business Model Design)
  • Assessing funding options and preparing a strong pitch for Research and Development, Innovation, Start-up Support; and
  • Innovating Your:
  • Business Model
  • Product
  • Process
  • Technology
  • Team
  • Finances
  • Market Access

Complete and send your  Request for Consultation Form now. 


Intended to complement and leverage other local, state and national services, this consultation service is provided across the whole of Queensland via face to face, phone and on-line options as required.  A key aim of the program is to enhance innovation collaborations by helping to match innovators with appropriate potential buyers, sellers and collaborators of new ideas (e.g. with researchers, related businesses along the supply chain, within locations, or across industries).

Through this service, Queensland Government aims to help increase innovation activity and business investment in collaborative innovation by providing easy and free access to knowledge, skills and connections for innovators, entrepreneurs and inventors, leading to an increase in successful commercialisation of ideas for the benefit of the economy.

Access to additional information, connections and guidance during the innovation phase can help reduce innovation development costs, reduce time from idea conception to commercialisation, and lead to innovations that are better tailored to market needs, deliver faster uptake of new products or services, driving increased, sustainable sales and higher margins, building local enterprises and a healthier economy for Queenslanders.



Please call 1300 364 739.


The Innovator / Inventor Consultation Service is an initiative of the Queensland Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation (DSITI).



A FREE one hour consultation is provided for Queensland Innovators / Inventors seeking assistance progressing their ideas to the market..



“After 30 years in business this workshop has answered many questions. Very informative!”

Peter Hutchinson, Colony Printing