Monday 15 December 2008

AIC signs MOU with China�s Jiangsu Province

AIC signs MOU with China�s Jiangsu Province

Jiangsu province produces approximately 15% of China's industrial output, and lies astride the Yangtse River in the triangle between Shanghai in the east, its capital Nanjing in the west, and Suzhou in the south. In November, the AIC�s CEO, Dr. Rowan Gilmore was invited with Jan Bingley, General Manager at CSIRO, to represent Australia at Jiangsu province�s first International Conference on Technology Transfer.



Recognising the need to ascend the technological and knowledge intensity curve to broaden its economy, the province organised its inaugural conference on technology transfer to be held in the ancient and provincial capital of Nanjing,�and invited scientists and technology transfer specialist organisations from countries such as the US, UK, Russia, Germany and Denmark.



At the conference, the AIC signed an MOU to cooperate with the Jiangsu International Technology Transfer Centre, which is anxious to invest in and acquire foreign-developed technologies to broaden its industry base. The centre is cognisant of China �s reputation for loose control of intellectual property, and has stated that the situation is improving and pledged to ensure that IP rights are respected.



After the conference, the CEO was a guest of the city of Changzhou,�midway between Nanjing and Shanghai . The city is developing a massive and ultra-modern science and education town on its southern edge, which will (by 2010) host and train 70,000 scientists and engineers. Dr. Gilmore met with the Deputy Mayor of Changzhou and other government officials to see the new town and discuss its development.



The city is seeking Queensland and Australian businesses interested in tapping into Chinese markets and the manufacturing and resource base available by joint venturing with local firms. This could provide a more controlled and safer landing point for Queensland SMEs into the Chinese market rather than a �go-it-alone� approach.� The AIC is well placed to assist Queensland SMEs to service these needs in China and to find partners for entry into the Chinese market. 



Interested?� Contact the AIC for more details.


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