Tuesday 21 July 2009

Queensland Inventor�s Guide System Gets Traction!

Queensland Inventor�s Guide System Gets Traction!

With the closure of the Triton Foundation, the AIC was asked by the Queensland Government to assist them in dealing with the high number of inventors who are seeking assistance and / or guidance to commercialise their ideas. This system went live on March 1, 2009 and has been enthusiastically received by Queensland�s inventors with around 680 visits from the 100 registered users in the first 4 months!


Due to the high volume of enquiry, the AIC had to develop a system which could automate part of the process. A �self-assessment� tool was developed as a core part of the system. This gives the inventor instant feedback depending on how they answer the questions in the form of a custom report. Their report includes the questions, their answers, and some general guidance based on the type of response made.



After an inventor has completed the self-assessment, they can access up to 1 hour of free consulting time. This could be via phone, email or a face to face meeting as appropriate. Around 1/3 of the registered inventors have taken advantage of this service. Around 10% of the people who access the free consulting time become consulting clients of the AIC through follow-on paid services such as market research and commercialisation advice. This comparatively low rate is reflective of the very early stage of many of the inventor projects when they come through the system.



The Queensland Inventor Service (QInS) Commercialisation Management System (CMS) is designed to assist inventors to understand the overall commercialisation process, help them manage intellectual assets, and assist with development of a robust commercialisation plan. QInS CMS is made up of five core modules.



The five core modules of QInS CMS are:


���� My Project Workspace � A private work area where and inventor can:


    • Review the self-assessment report with answers and guidance.
    • Manage a commercialisation project�� 


���� Case Studies (Successes and Failures)� Case studies providing practical experience and information on innovation and commercialisation for general knowledge purposes and to support strategic business decisions.  


���� Guides and Templates � Around 25 �How-to� guides, contract and agreement templates, checklists, plans, reports, and worksheets relating to all areas of innovation and commercialisation.  


���� Further Assistance Queensland Government� Direct links to additional tools, resources and assistance offered by the Queensland Government.  


���� Further Assistance External � Direct links to additional tools, resources and assistance offered by other national and international organisations.



While the QInS system is hosted (�Software as a Service�), the AIC has other customers that have the underlying system internally installed within their networks..



The early take-up of the system has been really encouraging and the feedback we�ve received has been positive. Our major observations include:



���� The number of inventors does not appear to be influenced by the state of the economy

���� Most inventors are pre-prototype and at a concept phase

���� Most inventors do not have finance to commercialise their inventions

���� Most inventors do not fully understand the costs involved in commercialisation

���� Most inventors do not fully understand the costs OR timeframe involved in protecting intellectual property



In summary, there is a clear need for this service which is part education and part inspiration!


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