Tuesday 15 June 2010

Adelaide hosts discussions to drive energy efficiency innovations for a greener future

Adelaide hosts discussions to drive energy efficiency innovations for a greener future

A Clean Energy Innovation Centre TechClinic has been held in Adelaide to evaluate how technology can be developed locally to achieve greater energy efficiencies in smart grid projects across Australia .

The �smart grid� is the next generation electricity network, giving consumers much greater control over how and when they use electricity, to reduce costs and improve energy efficiency.

TechClinics, held throughout Australia , promote the adoption of innovation and technology to solve industry wide problems and challenges. Previous TechClinic topic areas have included deploying energy storage devices to smooth the electricity produced from renewables sources and how to use the water that comes from coal seam gas mining.

The Adelaide-based TechClinic was organised by the Australian Institute for Commercialisation (AIC) and its partners including Smart Grid Australia and the Energy Networks Association, and focused on �Driving Energy Efficiency through Developing Technology Solutions for Australian Smart Grid Projects�.� A range of live industry Smart Grid projects were presented by utility organisations with the aim of assembling relevant Australian capability that could fill current technology or capability gaps in these projects.

Projects were presented by Western Power (Perth Solar CityWA), Energy Australia (NSW) and Land Management Corporation (Lochiel Park SA).

Phil Donaldson, Director of Sustainability Policy and Programs at the Land Management Corporation said �The unique opportunity to present the challenges of a real world, live Smart Grid demonstration project such as Lochiel Park to a broad selection of representatives of industry suppliers, researchers and government organisations has been worthwhile. This has complemented our efforts in developing solutions for our infrastructure, and equipment installation through generation of new ideas and connections to additional local capability. As such it provides opportunities for further analysis of LMC projects in demonstrating smart grid technologies and approaches�.

The TechClinic drew on experience from an earlier R&D Forum, held in Sydney in March 2010, where a range of specific issues, industry needs and commercial opportunities were first identified.� The workshop presented some of these commercial opportunities in more detail and created collaborative opportunities for organisations within the Smart Grid value chain to participate.

If you would like to find out more about Tech Clinics please visit www.ausicom.com/techclinics or call (07) 3853 5225 or e-mail info@ausicom.com�for further information.

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