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Commercialisation of advanced materials technology assisted by market intelligence

Commercialisation of advanced materials technology assisted by market intelligence

Market intelligence provided by the Australian Institute for Commercialisation (AIC) has supported Belmont-based organisation the Victorian Centre for Advanced Materials Manufacturing (VCAMM) in business planning and the commercialisation of new technology.

The Victorian Centre for Advanced Materials Manufacturing (VCAMM) operates as a portal to a consortium of five Victorian research providers ( CSIRO , Deakin , Monash , Swinburne and Latrobe Universities) providing businesses with managed access to Victoria's considerable expertise in the disciplines of advanced materials and advanced manufacturing technologies.

Monash University and VCAMM Ltd have developed a technology for enhancing the strength, formability and joining properties of alloysto deliver high-performance, lightweight materials for global transport markets at a fraction of the cost of current commercial offerings. ���

The technology called �continuous equal channel angular processing' or CECAP for short, relies on mechanical enhancement of plate/ sheet metals and therefore promises to deliver higher performance at lower cost. The technology has been proven on various grades of steel and aluminium and is being prepped for use on titanium and magnesium.

VCAMM identified that support was needed to help gain market intelligence to assist in business planning and commercialisation activities for the new CECAP technology.

The Australian Institute for Commercialisation�s (AIC) market research team was initially engaged to help VCAMM assess the market by providing trends, volumes and prices of different materials for the global transport markets.

Later, the AIC was again engaged by VCAMM to provide further market intelligence, required to better define identified markets, and understand potentially competitive technologies that Monash and VCAMM would encounter during the ongoing efforts to commercialise CECAP. The objective of this second market research activity was to focus and update the work previously conducted by the AIC, the findings of which fed into both the technical and business activities associated with increasing the scale of the technology to industrial levels.

The research provided by the AIC achieved the following outcomes for VCAMM:



  • A thorough definition of the target markets for the technology
  • An understanding of the competitive environment
  • Identification of potential suppliers and collaborators
  • Provision of industry price points
  • Analysis of market trends



This intelligence supported VCAMM in its technical and business decision making and the organisation is now in the process of scaling up and commercialising the technology by using the market research information provided. 

According to James Sandlin , lead VCAMM Program Manager on the CECAP project, �VCAMM continues to turn to the AIC for Market Research because of their unique approach, rapid response and fair cost.� We�ve been using the AIC for market intelligence on various projects since 2006, and in every case they have found exactly the information we�ve asked for, in a quantitative format that makes it easily useable.� The Market Research team at AIC is particularly good, in that they�ve got technical personnel on staff, who know what information is going to be useful to any new endeavour.� They have also structured their Market Research application process so that it is streamlined, confidential and easy to use�.

The AIC produces customised market research reports tailored to the requirements specified by organisations. Information is gathered from a number of credible sources to establish a broad and relevant understanding of the applicable markets.

For further information about AIC market research services please contact 07 3853 5225 or e-mail or visit our website.












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