Tuesday 22 February 2011

Vienna beckons AIC Director through AIC - Austria Wirtschaftsservice exchange program

Vienna beckons AIC Director through AIC - Austria Wirtschaftsservice exchange program

Alex Blauensteiner, Director of Industry Collaboration at the Australian Institute for Commercialisation (AIC), is engaging in a six month secondment with the Austria Wirtschaftsservice (aws) to exchange knowledge and gain insights into the European innovation and commercialisation environment.

Austria Wirtschaftsservice (or the Austria Economic Service) is Austria�s national business assistance organisation.  It delivers a broad range of business investment and support programs and services, and works with the European Union to design and implement new industry development initiatives.

Since 2005, Alex has seeded, developed and managed the AIC�s national TechFast program, which assists industry and technology developers across Australia to collaborate to solve industry problems and commercialise new technologies.

He has also led AIC�s national clean energy industry development services and AIC�s partnership activities with the Malaysia Government to design collaboration programs for Malaysia. 

The exchange will enable Alex to share his experience and gain exposure to other international leading practices and initiatives focused on growing businesses and economies through innovation and collaboration.
The exchange program will also involve AWS�  Mr Peter Feuereisel, Senior Manager (Commercialisation and Intellectual Property Management), who will spend six months with the AIC sharing European insights with the AIC team and building a solid foundation for future European and Australian industry collaborations around commercialisation.

The program aims to provide practical exposure to a range of different business initiatives and work practices used by each organisation to promote innovation and knowledge transfer.

The key benefits to the AIC, AWS and their clients include:

  • Building networks that can be used to assist Australian and Austrian organisations to commercialise new products and services, and enter new markets
  • Insight into European and Australian innovation, IP and commercialisation markets
  • Overview of the respective markets and areas of market opportunity for local firms
  • Exposure to other international leading practice initiatives to benchmark and guide future development of each organisation�s activities
  • Transfer of successful programs and services for implementation internationally
  • Development of a longer-term collaborative, knowledge sharing relationship between the two organisations, including identification of practical mechanisms for ongoing knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Alex believes the exchange will benefit the AIC and have a positive impact on the services provided to AIC�s clients:

�At the AIC we encourage our clients to collaborate and share knowledge in order to achieve successful commercialisation outcomes. I am delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Austria Wirtschaftservice to exchange learning, ideas and explore ways of working together to increase business and trade for our clients. A key objective of this exchange is that our organisations will collaborate in the future to offer enhanced services to our respective clients�.

Forthcoming editions of the AIC�s E-Newsletter will include updates on the Australian/Austrian exchange.

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