Wednesday 23 February 2011

Austria Wirtschaftsservice�s Peter Feuereisel arrives at the AIC for six month exchange

Austria Wirtschaftsservice�s Peter Feuereisel arrives at the AIC for six month exchange

As covered in last month�s AIC E-Newsletter, the AIC is engaging in a six month exchange program with the Austria Wirtschaftsservice (aws). The AIC�s Alex Blauensteiner, Director of Industry Collaboration, will spend time in Vienna, while aws�  Peter Feuereisel, Senior Manager (Commercialisation and Intellectual Property Management) will spend six months with the AIC.

This will provide both staff members with the opportunity to gain an insight into the others� innovation, IP & commercialisation market.

Both organisations will share information regarding each country�s approach to stimulating and promoting innovative activities. One of the goals will be to identify new programs, initiatives and learnings that may be transferrable between the two organisations.

Peter is looking forward to working with and supporting the AIC team with his specialist knowledge in intellectual property.

Since May 2007, Peter has worked as a Senior Technology IP & Commercialisation Manager at aws in Vienna, Austria. aws is a federal bank specialising in Austrian business promotion.


With a staff of about 250 people, aws is the largest Austrian service provider for evaluating and financing technological inventions. The main aim of the aws is to strengthen domestic business and their competitiveness, as well as to secure long-term job opportunities. aws offers subsidies and financing for Austrian enterprises, advice in all phases of company growth, and support to procure innovation and technologies.


aws is well established internationally and supports projects in more than 50 countries. Among other activities, aws is responsible for facilitating the protection, transfer and marketing of technology from and between Austrian Universities and industry.


One of aws� aims is to protect and raise the understanding of intellectual property protection, prosecution and commercialisation skills across Austrian Universities by helping them to find the right partner for patenting, licensing, material transfer agreements and other contractual arrangements.


Part of Peter�s role at aws involves the implementation of innovative projects from universities and SMEs as well as the development, protection, commercialisation and review of health and medical device innovations. His work is a vital link between R&D and industry, identifying commercial applications for promising products and processes developed by Austrian scientists.


Moreover, Peter lectures on Intellectual Property at the Medical University of Vienna.

Peter is looking forward working at the AIC and the transfer of knowledge between the two organisations.

�Success is our name, service quality is our drive and bridging the gap between R&D, innovation and European markets is our daily work. At aws we are always one step ahead. Due to our broad network of industry, governmental and European Union commercialisation institutions we are opening new market and R&D possibilities for our clients.

In the health market in particular, it is essential to know about the worldwide market situation. I am looking forward to working with Australian and European companies to reach one common market aim. I personally think that the collaboration of aws and AIC is an outstanding market chance for us and our clients.�

As well as enjoying the challenge at the AIC, Peter is also getting to grips with living in Australia. As a winter sports enthusiast and champion snow-boarder, Peter has had to turn his attention to water based sporting activities of the non-frozen kind for now!

Forthcoming editions of the AIC�s E-Newsletter and the AIC blog will include updates on the Australian/Austrian exchange.

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