Tuesday 22 February 2011

Profile on� LifeHaler

Profile on� LifeHaler

One of LifeHaler�s business partners, Mickael Blanc, recently spoke to the AIC about the company�s journey along the commercialisation pathway. LifeHaler Pty Ltd has designed and is ready to commercialise a waterproof and wearable asthma inhaler designed for quick and easy administration of medication for those engaging in water sports and physical activities.

1)    Briefly describe your business

LifeHaler Pty Ltd is a company formed by business partners Mark Boardman, Mickael Blanc and Rodney Cusack in January 2010, with the aim of commercialising the LifeHaler�, a wearable and waterproof asthma inhaler.

2)    How did you generate the idea?

One day while surfing, Mark witnessed his brother Craig have a few scary moments, when he felt the onset of an asthma attack in the ocean. Unfortunately Craig was unable to relieve the attack, as his inhaler did not function effectively due to salt clogging the valve. Mark saw this as an opportunity to develop a waterproof asthma medication device.

3)    What made you decide to progress it from just an idea to a real business?

Positive feedback and enthusiasm from asthmatics identified the market potential of the LifeHaler.

4)    What were the main challenges faced?

As a start-up, funding has been the major hurdle to overcome.

5)    What tips would you pass on to other entrepreneurs who are starting out?

Believe in yourself, your partners and have a passion for the product.  With passion and belief everything else will work out. 

6)    Knowing what you know now, is there anything you would have done differently?

Stress less and let some things evolve on their own. They always work out for the best.

7)    Where do you see the business in 5 years� time?

We see LifeHaler Pty Ltd going into two directions within 5 years. Firstly the LifeHaler asthma inhaler will be a successful global product, but by year 5 we will seek to sell the business to a larger player within the space, to utilise their distribution capabilities.

Secondly, we also hope to commercialise further products together, funded from the capital raised from the LifeHaler.

8)    What would you suggest that the AIC strives to tell government in Australia about commercialisation? 

That if the design and business sectors were to work together in harmony, the outcome would be the creation of successful Australian products for a global market place.

9)    If you could have been responsible for any innovation, what would it be and why?

Cochlear Ear Implant - To be responsible for allowing people without the sense of hearing to hear, would be a very positive contribution.

10)    Which entrepreneur do you most admire and why?

James Dyson. James Dyson built his empire with quality products focusing on design and engineering. The adoption of this ethos has created products that are far superior to competitors within the same space.


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