Wednesday 23 March 2011

"Translate Research in to viable Outcomes" Australian Innovation

"Translate Research in to viable Outcomes" Australian Innovation

An AIC Commercialisation Bootcamp was recently held at the University of Adelaide to help research organisations and universities maximise the impact of their research through strategic intellectual property management and creating a positive commercialisation culture.

An AIC Commercialisation Bootcamp is an intensive, two-day professional development program, which introduces participants to the various stages of the commercialisation process, from structuring a research program through to realising the potential of commercial outcomes in the market.

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AIC Commercialisation Masterclass - Brisbane - 28th July 2011

This workshop will assist participants to derive full value from their research and is designed for those with an understanding of commercialisation principles.



“...Aside from one of these kits, all an inventor needs is the inspiration to dream up a concept and the perspiration to develop it properly”

Steven Ciobo MP, Member for Moncrieff QLD