Thursday 7 April 2011

"Commercialisation- With Compliments" Fast Thinking

"Commercialisation- With Compliments" Fast Thinking

There is no shortage of people willing to give it a try. Often, the technology is good. Perhaps there is even a proof of concept or demonstrator model to prove that the concept is technically feasible. The idea might even be protected or branded, perhaps by a patent or trademark. Less often, there is even a customer ready for pilot use, and on rare occasions, there is even money around to fund development or production.

But the business still staggers to succed. Why?

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AIC Commercialisation Masterclass - Brisbane - 28th July 2011

This workshop will assist participants to derive full value from their research and is designed for those with an understanding of commercialisation principles.



“A valuable source of information for anyone taking their first steps into commercialising an invention”

Robert Bufi, MGF Consultants (NQ)