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The Inventor Service: Got a great idea?

The Inventor Service: Got a great idea?

One of the key challenges for anyone attempting to take new opportunities to market is the issue of ‘what to do next’.

Often there are questions such as ‘Who are the target customers for your idea and how will you reach them?’ or ‘How much will it cost to take your idea to market and how will you fund it?’ which need to be answered in order to progress an opportunity.

Often inventors and innovators struggle to answer these questions and turn an idea into commercial reality.

This challenge is widely recognised and in 2008 the AIC was asked by the Queensland Government to provide a free specialised service to entrepreneurs resident in Queensland.

The AIC subsequently developed a web-based self-help system called the Inventor Service to provide the resources needed, so these individuals could assess their ideas and begin to prepare their idea for market entry.

The service includes:

  • An online assessment to determine where you are currently positioned in the commercialisation of your product or service. At the completion of the questionnaire, the resultant report will provide guidance on the remaining areas to address. 
  • Written guides providing advice to help you complete the remainder of the process.
  • Templates such as business and commercialisation plans which will help you prepare for your business or project and to communicate with interested third parties such as potential financiers and collaborators.
  • A project management workspace to help you plan and manage your project.

The online service is free for Queensland inventors and $150 (inc. GST) for inventors in other states.

After completing the questionnaire Queensland residents can also request a free consultation of up to one hour with an AIC Commercialisation Consultant.

The service enables inventors to:

  • Understand the steps involved in taking your idea to market;
  • Objectively assess your idea or opportunity before you invest a lot of time and money in it;
  • Plan your next steps;
  • Access more than 30 useful guides and templates to help you along the way;
  • Learn from case studies;
  • Find out what other assistance is available.

Since its conception, the Inventor Service has helped more than 400 innovators to progress their ideas.

Chiropractor Dr Ron Roberts turned to the AIC to assist in the commercialisation of a particular invention:

 “… I received wonderful support from the Australian Institute for Commercialisation in regards to my patent and as to how I could get the concept to market. I turned to the Inventor Service for support and guidance and Michele Cooper [AIC Consultant] was extremely helpful especially in how to progress my idea. I had previously sort other avenues but did not gain the support I needed. Since engaging with this service I have received a number of valuable leads and opportunities that I have acted upon. The support I have received has been a great help. I would thoroughly recommend this service to others who might travel this ‘mine field’…”

To find out more or to register for the Inventor Service, call 1300 364 739 or visit the Inventor Service website at:

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