Wednesday 29 June 2011

R&D Forum seeks greener options for solutions to waste management in tourism destinations

R&D Forum seeks greener options for solutions to waste management in tourism destinations

Disposing of organic waste is a problem for all tourist destinations, particularly in pristine destinations such as the Great Barrier Reef. Done poorly, organic waste can destroy the attractiveness of a destination, while done efficiently, it not only preserves a location but can even provide value added products.

To help find solutions to this challenge, the AIC hosted an R&D Forum in Airlie Beach to help find a collaborative solution to waste management for tourism operators in the Airlie Beach and Whitsunday Region.

R&D Forums, held throughout Australia, promote the adoption of innovation and technology to solve industry wide problems and challenges. Previous R&D topic areas have included deploying energy storage devices to smooth the electricity produced from renewable sources, and finding new water treatment solutions for water that emerges from coal seam gas mining.

The Queensland Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI), in conjunction with the AIC, held the R&D Forum with the broad objective of facilitating a collaborative means of solving the tourism industry�s challenge of waste management.

Representatives of the local tourism operators, the Council, State Government, researchers and solution providers were all in attendance with the objective of:�����������������������������������

  • Understanding the current opportunities in waste treatment solutions and cost-saving energy alternatives
  • Enabling the research sector to understand the needs of industry/stakeholders, so they could better direct their research
  • Encouraging research, industry linkages and collaborations
  • Identifying potential solutions that can be easily implemented by tourism operators

In her opening speech, the Hon Jan Jarratt, Minister for Tourism, Manufacturing and Small Business, encouraged the tourism operators to take advantage of the opportunities available to combat waste management, reduce their carbon footprint and in doing so, benefit their bottom line.

The forum presented a range of exciting opportunities and created numerous actions for organisations within the value chain to pursue, including the potential of working with the Council for a collaborative solution. One of the key collaborative projects discussed, was an integrated organic waste management process with an energy generation option that would involve all the tourism operators working together with the local council, Queensland Government, CQU and commercial providers.

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