Monday 8 August 2011

Next generation networked R&D - New thinking about how R&D and Innovation really works in Australasia

Next generation networked R&D - New thinking about how R&D and Innovation really works in Australasia

The Australian Industrial Research Group (AIRG) and Australian Institute for Commercialisation (AIC) have designed a joint winter conference that seeks to understand how networked R&D and technology is operating today and how that may develop, taking place in Brisbane on 29-30 August 2011.

Over the past two decades, several clear trends in the management of industrially oriented R&D have emerged. Although these trends have enhanced our understanding of the complex game that is innovation management, have these initiatives fully captured the scope of what it takes to succeed in technology innovation in Australasia?

As the world works its way out of recessionary pressures, most businesses now are seeking sources of innovative concepts from all over the globe.  The “Open Innovation” concept has challenged organisations to take a more networked approach and in some cases this has been transformational for companies while in others it seems that it may have only resulted in reduced R&D capability and diminished innovation. 

In Australasia, at an aggregated level, Open Innovation does not appear to have made a major impact on BERD or GERD levels.  So has it helped to substantially change the way in which the public and private sectors interact?  What businesses are seeking from the public sector and others seems to depend on many factors and it appears that there may not be one model for success, nor might it be too linear a process. 

The AIRG and AIC joint winter conference seeks to address these challenges and to understand how, across industrial and public sector organisations, primarily working within Australasia, networked R&D and technology is operating today and how that may develop into the future.

About the conference:

The conference will be held from 29 - 31 August 2011 at the the Sebel & Citigate, Brisbane.  For further information or to register please visit      

About the Australian Industrial Research Group (AIRG)

AIRG is the professional body for managers responsible for technological innovation and R&D in public and private companies operating in Australia & New Zealand. It‘s affiliate members are from public research agencies, universities and service groups with interests in science and innovation.

The AIRG’s role is to improve the quality of research management in Australia & New Zealand by organising activities which stimulate greater understanding of the effective management of research and development as a force to drive economic, industrial and social activities.

About the Australian Institute for Commercialisation (AIC):

The AIC is a leading service organisation helping innovators achieve commercial success. Around Australia we help business, research organisations and governments convert their ideas into successful outcomes.


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AIC Commercialisation Masterclass - Brisbane - 28th July 2011

This workshop will assist participants to derive full value from their research and is designed for those with an understanding of commercialisation principles.



“A must for the budding inventor that needs to know the pitfalls of the system before letting the world know of their invention”

Greg Gilboy, Gilboy Hydraulic Solutions