Thursday 1 September 2011

The AIC and QMI Solutions combine

The AIC and QMI Solutions combine

The AIC and QMI Solutions have merged to provide business and industry with an unparalleled level of in-house expertise to help enterprises improve and grow.

With a combined total of more than fifty years� experience in supporting and assisting businesses, the newly-formed organisation will work with entrepreneurs, industry, research organisations and governments, uniquely bringing together a wealth of knowledge to help businesses improve and grow.

The AIC joins QMI Solutions as its fourth division, and the merged entity will bring significant benefits to customers through an enhanced and broader service offering.

New and existing customers can look forward to accessing:     

  • A greater breadth of expertise across a range of industry sectors and disciplines
  • A comprehensive path for end-to-end business improvement and innovation
  • Larger national networks, referral and collaboration channels to facilitate more profitable interactions 
  • A wider portfolio of programs and services to address a diverse range of business needs
  • An integrated and holistic approach to business improvement and innovation.

QMI Solutions, through its divisions, supports business in four key areas:

  • Building skills � Ensuring businesses are equipped with the skills they need to grow and improve
  • Improving performance � Assisting industry to implement best practice processes and technologies to maximise potential
  • Embedding innovation � Facilitating collaboration and commercialisation opportunities to help businesses innovate and grow
  • Increasing capabilities � Improving the ability of industry to win new opportunities to support business sustainability and growth.

Royston Kent, of B&C Plastics, Brisbane, has worked with QMI Solutions and the AIC previously to innovate and improve his business:

�Through its expertise and assessment tools, QMI Solutions helped us build our business acumen and expedite growth of the business. At the same time I was supported by the AIC in the implementation of a new business model and the commercialisation of new products. Both relationships delivered tangible results for my business.

Now that the two organisations have combined, I see the potential for success as even more great as businesses like mine now have access to a whole suite of services to support their goals, not to mention access to a diverse range of experts across a range of sectors and disciplines.�

QMI CEO Jim Walker said customers will benefit from the synergies of both organisations:

�Each organisation has a skills base, networks and services to draw upon to support industry in its quest to improve and innovate� Mr Walker said.

�Bringing these two organisations together will result in the development of a powerful resource to support, improve and grow businesses Australia-wide.�

�QMI Solutions and AIC customers can rest assured that it is business as usual in terms of the assistance being provided. What they can also be assured of is that this assistance will be augmented considerably through the greater breadth of expertise, larger networks and increased portfolio of programs at our fingertips.�

Now that the AIC is part of a broader organisation that offers a wide range of business improvement and innovation services, AIC clients will benefit from an enhanced array of services.

We look forward to working with clients across a number of industry sectors to provide additional value through the enhanced service offering now available to the AIC.

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