Tuesday 8 November 2011

Programs to support companies along their innovation journey

Programs to support companies along their innovation journey

 The AIC recently brought you news of our merger with QMI Solutions, highlighting to our customers the benefits of an enhanced service offering. As part of this enhanced service offering, the AIC now has a wider portfolio of programs and services to address a diverse range of business needs and to enhance and complement our existing programs.

Three additions to our suite of programs include:

  • IMP3rove benchmarks
  • Cost Focused Innovation
  • Ulysses Design-led program      
IMP3rove � Growing your business through innovation management

IMP�rove is a management assessment tool created by INNOVA EUROPE that provides SMEs with the ability to benchmark their own innovation management performance against other companies from the same industry sector.

IMP3rove assesses how well a business is performing as an innovative company, and compares them against a database of similar businesses internationally.

The Innovation Management Assessment process takes companies through a series of questions to provide a comprehensive assessment of the five success indicators of innovative leaders, and then provides a comprehensive action plan to improve their management of innovation and to improve the results it brings.

Companies have the opportunity to become innovation growth champions by undertaking the IMP3rove process with our accredited IMP3rove Guides.

Phil Ainsworth from Microair Avionics Pty Ltd recently undertook an IMP3rove assessment:

�The process has enabled Microair to better evaluate the effectiveness of our R&D investments and to focus on tasks that need to be achieved to meet our business objectives. Comparisons with other benchmark businesses have been very useful in seeing our performance relative to other like businesses.�

Cost Focused Innovation

Cost Focused Innovation (CFI) is a training program developed with the Fraunhofer Institute of Germany to provide companies with a toolkit to develop competitive products and services for price-sensitive markets.

CFI assists businesses in identifying product features and options that reduce cost but maintain features important to the customer, or in developing entirely new value propositions to escape the commodity trap.

The program delivers practical insights into available cost focused innovation strategies through practical, real life case study examples and hands-on use of the tools.  The provided toolkit is suitable for all industries in helping to discover new customer markets and gain significant competitive advantage.

Brisbane-based Centor was recently involved in the program. Centor designs and manufactures systems for folding and sliding doors, screens and blinds.

Centor Business Development Manager Glen Pacholke and his team used the QMI and Fraunhofer CFI approach to review existing products and create new innovative solutions for customers:

�By minimising features that are not as important to newly-identified customer groups, and maximising important ones, we can add value and make substantial cost-savings.�

IMP�rove and Cost Focused Innovation were customised for local industry by the AIC�s parent company QMI Solutions in collaboration with QUT.


Ulysses is an innovative business program that uses the power of design thinking to transform businesses.  Developed especially for Queensland companies, Ulysses demonstrates how being design-led can be both market-leading and market responsive.

The Ulysses program works with selected companies that are committed to becoming market leaders by understanding their customers, predicting their current and future needs and responding to them with highly functional, practical and affordable product and services.

The Ulysses team of specialists works with the innovation team of client companies to develop new understanding and transform the business from good to visionary, from a competitor to �best in class�.   

Ken Bridges, Managing Director of B&R Enclosures recently took part in the Ulysses program:

�We believe the Ulysses Program will have a significant impact on our business, enabling us to meet our growth aspirations through better products, better marketing and better alignment of everything we do to our customers� needs.�

These three initiatives are Queensland Government supported programs.

For further information these new programs as well as existing AIC services please contact us on 1300 364 739 or e-mail info@ausicom.com or visit www.ausicom.com

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