Tuesday 6 March 2012

Translating research into viable outcomes

Translating research into viable outcomes

An AICCommercialisation Bootcamp was recently held at Deep Exploration Technologies Cooperative Research Centre (DET) CRC facility to help DET CRC professionalsmaximise the impact of their research through strategic intellectual property management.

A Bootcamp is an intensive, two-day professional development program, which introduces participants to the various stages of the commercialisation process, from structuring a research program through to realising the potential of commercial outcomes in the market.

Throughout the two days, participants apply the principles they have learned to their own situation in interactive workshop sessions, in order to enhance their understanding and commercialisation capability.

The workshop sessions culminate at the end of the program in a pitch competition, where participants present their workshop projects to a panel of mock investors.

The goals of the DET CRC Commercialisation Bootcamp were to:

  • Assist DET CRC professionals gain an understanding of the commercialisation process and the steps involved in commercialising research
  • Provide participants with tools to manage their existing programs to recognise potential IP, then to generate & protect its commercial value
  • Provide an opportunity for participants to network and share information
  • Assist participants to develop and deliver a pitch on an idea.

A group of 18 DET CRC participants took part in the Bootcamp and the program had a mixture of presentations, guest speakers, case studies, group activities and workshops.

Feedback from participants was extremely positive; 100% of respondents indicated that the workshop gave them a better understanding of the process of commercialisation and how it applied to their work and that as a result of attending the Bootcamp, they now know what actions they must take to commercialise the research they are involved with.

Some of the feedback included:

"The Commercialisation Bootcamp exceeded my expectations. I�m a passionate researcher and aware of commercialisation but didn�t know what it really meant and how to access it. This gave me new insights into how to integrate commercialisation into research�"

"Great introduction to commercialisation for people who have been until now interested in technology. It will allow scientists and engineers to not let themselves be baffled�and perhaps to profit from their work"

"An excellent foundation for an understanding of commercialisation. Variety of speakers provided great depth of knowledge in the compact package."

In recognition of the AIC�s contribution to improving commercialisation outcomes in Australia and abroad, the University of Adelaide�s ECIC provides credit to AIC Commercialisation Program participants.

On successful completion of the program the participant can apply for credit to contribute towards the Masters of Science and Technology Commercialisation at the University of Adelaide.

The AIC delivers Commercialisation Bootcamps in Australia and the Asia Pacific region for approximately 15 participants at a cost of just $11,500 per Bootcamp.

For further information,visit our website, call (07) 3853 5226 or e-mail info@ausicom.com


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“Very inspiring - I'm very motivated now”

Christine Ryan, IPA