Tuesday 6 March 2012

Inventor Service steers synthetic grass surface cleaning system on the journey to success

Inventor Service steers synthetic grass surface cleaning system on the journey to success

The Innovation

Entrepreneur Mr Allan Allaway has designed two innovative products that clean synthetic grass surfaces in a unique and undamaging way.

Designed for use on a range of synthetic sports fields, the products can be used wet (using the Wallaby product) or dry (using the Bilby product).

The patented system, utilising compressed air, cleans surfaces without damaging fibres and scientific test have demonstrated and confirmed that the system removes dirt, pathogens, chemical residue etc. with unprecedented efficacy.

The Challenge

Mr Allaway, in the commercialisation of the Bilby and Wallaby, has faced a number of challenges including defining the optimal commercialisation pathway and developing the clean, green business model.

AIC Assistance

During the commercialisation process, Mr Allaway contacted the AIC�s Inventor Service.

The Inventor Service is a web based self-help system designed to assist inventors to convert their ideas into a commercial product or service. The Inventor Service includes a range of online assessments, guides and templates, as well as a one hour consultation with a AIC Commercialisation Consultant.

During initial conversations Mr Allaway highlighted that he had conducted successful user trials and had received written and verbal interest from a number of sports clubs across Australia.

Mr Allaway utilised the Inventor Service to gain clarity on where to go next with the aim to explore further options regarding commercialisation of his inventions and strengthening his value proposition.

The AIC provided advice around business planning including details regarding suitable structure and content.� Guides and templates to facilitate and enable the business planning process were also provided.� Direction for as well as suggestions and options of where appropriate funding could be sourced.

Advice regarding commercialisation options, partnerships and licensing and sourcing complementary green technologies was also provided.


After seeking advice from the Inventor Service, Mr Allaway was able to re-focus his efforts on value generating activities and gain further understanding around business planning targeted towards identifying and sourcing funding. Mr Allaway was provided referrals and alternate options to explore with regards to path to market with the aim to support and enable the decision making process.�Mr Allaway was also able to better capture and present outcomes with the aim to gain further interest in his innovation.�

Client comments

�Over the last few months I have had the privilege to work with QMI Solutions [of which AIC is a division]�specifically with Michele Cooper.� I am extremely happy to have had the opportunity to work with Michele, I found her to be extremely intelligent, understanding and helpful as she was able to understand and grasp the concept in one meeting.�

Her immediate grasp of the situation, her insightful suggestions, her level of cooperation and professionalism are something I will never ever be able to put a dollar value on - she knows what she is talking about! I have found the entire experience to be extremely helpful to me. If I had met Michele 5 or so years ago I can only imagine how much further down the track I would be�.��

The future

In the future, Mr Allaway aims to develop his business model, enabling customers to either license IP or to purchase, hire and contract the products.� With so many enquiries regarding potential partnership and collaboration opportunities received from national and international organisations, Mr Allaway�s next challenge is to determine which organisations best fit the company�s long range objectives and business model.

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