Wednesday 29 August 2012

Chameleon looks to blend better into environment

Chameleon looks to blend better into environment

The Chameleon Group of Companies is an innovative Australian enterprise located in Central Queensland near the city of Rockhampton. The group is committed to providing affordable, sustainable and environmentally passive technological solutions for housing. The Chameleon building system is based on modular concrete structures, featuring the use of moulds to produce a prefabricated, lightweight concrete roof panel over-locking prefabricated concrete wall panels containing inbuilt gutters and down pipes.

The Need
Chameleon identified the need to build wider R&D linkages to bring best practice and innovation to their production. They also sought new technologies to add into their concrete system to provide new properties and benefits traditional concrete cannot provide. Chameleon was seeking assistance and engineering advice around the large moulds used in the construction of their product, to assist in scaling up for production.

The Outcome
The Australian Institute for Commercialisation assisted Chameleon meet their needs by facilitating the TechFast program. TechFast is provided to qualifying Queensland SMEs seeking suitable technology and is fully subsidised by the Queensland Government through the Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts (DISTIA).
Under the TechFast program suitable research organisations were assessed for their relevant expertise and CQU was identified as having the capabilities and interest in working with Chameleon. Through this engagement the utilisation of Geopolymer in cement was explored and remains an ongoing research project with CQU. Chameleon has engaged in communication with various departments and centres of expertise at the University to expand the company´┐Żs knowledge of new technologies within their fields of interest and also seek new complementary technologies to build a complete environmental and sustainable housing and living solution.

Chameleon, having gained insight into the range of expertise at the university and the current research projects through its engagement with CQU, is going out of its way to identify and link numerous other Central Queensland SMEs to the university. This is building a vibrant community of businesses engaging with research.

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