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Creating value for CRCs (Cooperative Research Centres)

Creating value for CRCs (Cooperative Research Centres)

The AIC is a trusted partner of CRCs providing a range of services that add value throughout the CRC lifecycle. The AIC has a solid understanding of the charter and capabilities of CRCs having worked directly with over 16 CRCs. The AIC has a core capability in creating value for CRCs and has applied this to a wide variety of projects including commercialisation and IP management services, industry engagement frameworks and professional development.

Challenges Facing CRCs
Based on our experience working with a variety of CRCs, the AIC knows the management of such organisations typically involves a number of challenges:

  • Whilst researchers are experts in their field, they often require education and mentoring to create value from their research through utilisation and commercialisation
  • Setting up frameworks and approaches for managing research programs and the intellectual property created from them
  • Establishing effective arrangements for working with industry to develop IP from the research and create value

AIC Approaches for CRCs
If you are exploring any of these challenges, you may be interested in some of the approaches that we have developed and implemented with CRCs and universities. The AIC approach involves:

  • Professional Development in commercialisation, IP management and innovation
  • Commercialisation and Utilisation Frameworks and Plans
  • Development and reviewing of IP Policy, guidelines and registers
  • Transition strategies to achieve a sustainable business model
  • Market and opportunity assessment
  • Industry engagement models and partner industry selection

The AIC has a broad range of solutions that are focused on complementing a CRC�s commercial activities. As a result, CRC managers discover which opportunities are most promising, and researchers come to an enhanced understanding of the value creation process and what needs to be done to progress their research to enhance technology utilisation and realise value.

The research organisations that we have worked with using this approach are extremely satisfied with the results. They recognise that creating value takes more than IP; it also takes market access and strong collaborative partnerships.

Commercialisation and Utilisation Frameworks and Plans
Developing a robust, workable IP Commercialisation and Utilisation Framework is of key importance to CRCs. This will guide decision making on how to effectively manage and create value from IP generated through the research programs. The AIC provides proven and practical Commercialisation and Utilisation Frameworks to help CRCs implement world leading practices in commercialisation.

Professional Development
The AIC has conducted tailored bootcamps for many CRC clients on; collaboration, applied innovation, creativity, managing IP and research and industry partnering.

The AIC�s flagship professional development course is the Commercialisation Bootcamp, an intensive, two-day program which introduces researchers to the various stages of the commercialisation process, including intellectual property, legal issues, R&D partnering, funding and sourcing capital.

Industry Engagement
The AIC helps CRCs to build prosperous industry collaborations and networks. AIC TechClinic� workshops bring together industry, research and government stakeholders to help focus research and industry engagement around real-world problems. TechClinics are action oriented workshops that aim to address areas of market failure typically found in early stage research. The AIC also offers identification and engagement of SME industry partners for CRCs.

Market and Opportunity Assessment
One of the major barriers preventing research outputs from successfully entering the market is a lack of information or business intelligence about potential market size, market segmentation, competing products and potential partners.

To help CRCs commercialise their IP, the AIC has established a dedicated and independent market and opportunity assessment service. We have helped a number of CRCs in accessing quality, up-to-date market and competitor information to enable them to make smarter business decisions.

Commercialisation Advice and Strategies
The AIC has a range of consultancy solutions that assist in the management of IP and in assessing the feasibility of commercialisation paths for CRC projects. We provide services as simple as guidelines for conducting your own �IP Audit� through to establishing your own commercialisation plans and strategies.

Life After the CRC
The AIC works with CRCs to plan in advance for life after CRC funding. This includes assessing options for transition and divestment, developing a sustainable business model, and executing a plan that considers:

  • Fit to the organisational culture and objectives

  • Funding availability
  • Legal and taxation implications and compatibility

The AIC's experience with Cooperative Research Centres

Policy Research � Victorian Government, What makes a great CRC

Conducted various commercialisation and tailored bootcamps

Reviewed deal parameters for negotiation of a number of commercial CRC contracts

Development of a Commercialisation Framework and

Commercialisation Management System

Provided IP policy guidelines

Research paper identifying challenges faced by CRCs in maximising value from the knowledge generated through CRC activities � Victorian Government

Commercialisation review and plan development

Stakeholder consultation, CRC operating model feasibility and delivery of business cases

Evaluations of various IP projects

Reviewed key IP for the purpose of finding collaborative partners

Undertook market research to support commercialisation of R&D

Identified partners for potential CRC bids

Facilitated TechClinic� workshops to bring together researchers with industry and government representatives, and build R&D collaboration and new partners 

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