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Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

About Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Additive Manufacturign (also known as 3D Printing) has been attracting a significant amount of attention both in Australia and globally, in terms of research activity, new system acquisition and its repeated citation in the press as a major opportunity for manufacturers. New initiatives such as the Advanced Manufacturing Precinct at RMIT, which is heavily focussed on AM processes, the Victorian Centre for Direct Manufacturing, based on a cold spray deposition process, and the increasing activity in laser additive manufacturing at Monash University are providing Australia with a diverse and unprecedented portfolio of AM equipment, services and expertise. These facilities span the range of materials, processes and systems available and provide Australian manufacturers with the ideal environment in which to investigate the relevance of AM to their business.

Additive (AM), rapid (RM) or direct manufacturing (DM) has emerged as a direct development from the Rapid Prototyping (RP) technologies that revolutionised 3D model preparation. Where RP was used to produce replicas or models of parts for evaluation purposes only, AM can produce not only prototypes but fully functional parts in a variety of materials, including metals, and hence can be used as a primary manufacturing process, providing the economic criteria are met. A White Paper was written by Dr Sara Eastwood, which related to her presentation at the event (see below). Download the full White Paper by clicking here.

About the AM Event | 13 February 2013

QWIN, a Queensland Government initiative that AIC is involved in, sponsored a seminar along with Griffith University and Materialise in mid February at The Edge in Brisbane. 

This forum provided an exhibition of international designs showcasing the concept of Additive Manufacturing for direct manufacture, where additive or successive processes build complex, finished products, not possible using conventional manufacturing methods.

Innovative ideas and projects happening in Queensland and around the world were presented with an emphasis on the suitability of this new and exciting technique to relevant businesses.  International, national and local experts shared their understanding in a series of informative seminars and networking sessions.

Keynote speakers included:

Printing the Future
Professor Olaf Diegel; Massey University NZ, School of Engineering & Advanced Technology 

International Perspective
Win Michiels, Executive Vice President, Materialise

Opportunities and Limitations
Dr Sara Eastwood; Senior Research Specialist, QMI Solutions

The Role of Emerging Technologies in Australia
Dr Swee Mak, Director, Future Manufacturing Flagship, CSIRO

What, How & Why of making with 3D printing
Dr Jennifer Loy, Convenor 3D Design, Griffith University

To view the pdf's of their presentations please click here. Please remember these are copyrighted. To use any of this information please contac the speakers directly or email us on 

Update from Griffith University

Researchers and Academics in the 3D Design program, Bachelor of Digital Media, undertake action research on additive manufacturing in education, its role in sustainable design, socio cultural sustainability, digital efficiencies and the Maker Society.  The Transformative Technologies research study group at QCA involves academics and post graduates in practical projects and changing practice at the nexus of computer science, digital fabrication and human interaction for direct additive manufacture.

Dr Jennifer Loy and her team offer research and consultancy services for small to large projects that explore and develop the use of additive manufacturing in Australia.  In addition, Jen and Sam can come out to schools with examples of 3D printing and a personal printer to talk to high school pupils and Design and Technology teachers about 3D printing and discuss the role of digital making in education. To request more info click here.

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“I attended your R&D Forum - I found it very useful and enjoyable.”

Professor of Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy, RMIT University