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How to Enhance Your Creative Spirit

How to Enhance Your Creative Spirit

Creativity is the ability or aptitude by which individuals or groups generate or conceive new ideas, or adapt existing concepts into new principles. Many ideas have led to successful businesses and new innovations. Ideas may lead to a new solution to a problem, a new business model, or a new method or product concept. By stimulating the creative process within individuals, new ideas and concepts can be generated that can lead to the achievement of new innovations. For example, Dyson developed a range of new and innovative products in traditional competitive markets (such as vacuum cleaners, fans and hand dryers) and acquired significant market share.

The creative process was first described by Wallas back in 1926. He proposed a systematic model that usually follows a sequence of phases: preparation; incubation; illumination; and implementation. However, we find today that many people do not have the interest or inclination to develop their creative thinking capacity. They feel more comfortable with their analytical or logical thinking.

Creative thinking (or lateral thinking) provides the means to generate new ideas and the identification of new opportunities. However, once ideas are generated they must be captured, screened, evaluated and finally implemented, which requires significant effort. This is reflected in the statement made by Thomas Edison that, �Genius is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration.�

So what can we do to develop our creative abilities to allow us to think outside the box and come up with new ideas that will contribute to the competitive advantage of an organisation? To enhance your creative spirit and move out of your existing comfort zone the following activities are suggested:

  1. Connect with people to develop creative communities and social networks, for example through Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter
  2. Take control of your workspace and create an environment that is conducive to creative thinking
  3. Learn new creativity tools and techniques through workshops, courses and online resources
  4. Expand your mind through reading articles and publications on creativity and innovation
  5. Engage in fun and humour through games and puzzles
  6. Stimulate your artistic flair through drawing, painting or music
  7. Visit inspiring places such as museums, art galleries and locations of interest around the world, for example the Louvre, Tuscany or the Great Pyramids
  8. Understand and utilise the power of your subconscious mind through visualisation and enhancing your Alpha state
  9. Think on paper by keeping a journal of ideas and thoughts � write your problems down on paper and try to solve them using creative techniques
  10. Convert ideas into action � implement your ideas to create value

For more information on how to stimulate creative thinking to solve problems in your organisation, please contact John Kapeleris at or phone (07) 3364 0700.

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