Wednesday 27 March 2013

Velocis design integration program

Velocis design integration program

The VELOCIS Design Integration program works with selected companies to become market leaders by understanding customers, predicting current and future needs and responding with highly functional, practical and affordable product and services.

Design Integration

Design integration is defined as the concept of creating breakthrough innovations in business by applying design thinking to corporate strategy and business processes in a coordinated way. Design thinking applied to business is a methodology utilising a creative, solutions-based approach to solving business problems and capitalising on market opportunities.

The VELOCIS program

This 2.5 day intensive design integration program facilitated by leading business design specialists will challenge your thinking and energise your leadership team.

The VELOCIS program will assist you to:

- clarify your vision and purpose

- define who you are and why it�s important

- become highly differentiated

- place customer needs and desires at your core

- define new markets and unlock potential

- revolutionise company culture

- re-think business systems and processes

- attract the brightest minds

- build new capabilities

- create a truly sustainable business

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