Wednesday 15 April 2009

Researchers in Business

Researchers in Business

The AIC has been appointed as one of two national Linkage Service Providers for the new Researchers in Business program to help businesses to identify relevant research organisation expertise and to formally engage with them.�


Under this program, the Australian Government has committed $10 million as part of the Enterprise Connect Network to support the placement of researchers from universities or public research agencies into businesses where it is identified that such a placement would help to develop and implement a new idea with commercial potential.� Funding for up to 50 per cent of salary costs, to a maximum of $50,000 will be provided for each placement.� Placements can be for a period of 2 to 12 months.�  


The program aims to: 


  • �help break down the cultural divide between business and the research�sector�
    � (the�researcher may be from a university or research agency)
  • �speed the dissemination of expertise
  • �accelerate the adoption of new ideas and technologies
  • �increase competitiveness of firms. 


This service will reduce the time and cost to businesses in developing joint projects and finding the right researchers to work on them.� The AIC will work closely with �the CSIRO (the second partner linkage service provider) in this role to: 


  •  identify specific relevant expertise, facilities and technology from across the entire range of Australian research organisations


  •  help businesses assess and select the best source of expertise to meet their needs


  •  help facilitate the commercial relationship between businesses and potential research organisation partners and provide advice on access to available funding.


The further integration of the AIC and its specialist skills into the Enterprise Connect network recognises the AIC�s ongoing success in delivering real results and in facilitating collaborations between industry and research organisations through its programs like TechFast.�� 


The AIC�s TechFast program continues to assist small businesses in several states including South Australia, to remain competitive through obtaining �that market edge�.� It does this by identifying and linking these clients with the right people and organisations



For more information about the AIC's TechFast program please click here.


To see the RiB fact sheet please click here.

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