Professional Development Workshops

The AIC delivers commercialisation and innovation workshops, forums and seminars across Australia through our specialised facilitators and in partnership with other organisations.


An initiative of the Queensland Government, the Ideas2Market small business program provides Queensland innovators and entrepreneurs with advice, ideas, hints and links that can assist them in taking their idea to market. It is delivered by the AIC across Queensland. More information about the Ideas2Market program can be found on our Ideas2Market page.

Commercialisation Bootcamp and Commercialisation Masterclass

These programs educate participants about the various stages of the commercialisation process, and are designed to assist researchers and students to derive full value from their research and development activities. More information about the Commercialisation programs can be found on our Commercialisation Bootcamp page.

Collaboration Bootcamp

Turning collaboration from a concept into a workable strategy is the key to success for researchers and business alike. The convergence of ideas, perspectives and complementary strengths propels organisations forward in ways that individuals, working independently, could not achieve.  The Collaboration Bootcamp provides practical tools to increase participants' ability to create and sustain these successful collaborative partnerships for their organisation.

As part of the workshop the following areas will be explored: Types of collaborative relationships, understanding whether collaboration is right for you, partner due diligence (with tools and checklists to aid decision making), structuring the right relationship, IP and commercial arrangements, managing the relationship to make it work and case study examples of successful collaboration.

Applied Innovation Workshop

The AIC's Applied Innovation workshop is designed to provide participants with a structured approach to foster innovation within their organisation and develop alliances between industry and research facilities. The workshops have an emphasis on imparting practical skills and knowledge able to be easily applied in everyday business.

The workshop program covers topics such as: The definition of innovation, strategies to assess feasibility of innovative opportunities, how to integrate innovation into your business model, developing relevant innovation key performance indicators and managing risk within innovation.

Throughout the full day workshop, participants apply the principles taught to their own situation in interactive workshop sessions, in order to enhance their understanding and innovative capability.

Creativity Workshop

Creativity is fast becoming an essential component of success in today's organisations. The ability to creatively analyse opportunities and apply creative problem solving techniques can make the difference between a company that gets by and one that stands out. The AIC's Creativity Workshop is a one day program that teaches participants how to train their minds to think creatively within a professional context. 

The workshop explores topics such as: How to generate, capture and manage ideas, creative thinking tools and techniques, how to stimulate creativity and how to overcome the barriers to creativity that may exist within your organisation

This program is carefully tailored to suit your group's specific requirements and will involve a mixture of practical and theoretical exercises designed to encourage creative thinking.

Tailored Programs Available On Request

The AIC is also able to deliver tailored training programs to meet clients' specific requirements. These can be a combination of modules from existing workshops, or we can develop new content around the topics of innovation and commercialisation. Please speak to the AIC Education Manager if you wish to know more about this option.

To find out more about any of the professional development programs, please contact the Education Manager on 07 3364 0700 or  


AIC Commercialisation Masterclass

This Professional Development workshop will assist researchers, product managers and entrepreneurs derive full value from their innovations and is designed for those with a general understanding of commercialisation principles.



“...Aside from one of these kits, all an inventor needs is the inspiration to dream up a concept and the perspiration to develop it properly”

Steven Ciobo MP, Member for Moncrieff QLD