Business REdevelopment Program

The new REdesignIT Business Redevelopment Program brings fresh 'Innovative Thinking Methods' and Tools to your Business and teaches your team HOW to set a sustainable course for the future and how to continue to innovate and win � to sustain a competitive culture and build a prosperous future.  Rediscover your unique value.

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Being in business means being busy � too busy finding work, too busy juggling finances, too busy dealing with staff issues, or just too busy with �busy-work� to work ON the business.  Does this sound like you? At the AIC we find most business people spend all their time doing or responding, not thinking and carefully planning. Working IN the business and not ON the business.

We have designed a custom Program just for Australian Businesses, to lift the fog and help Managers and Owners see beyond the cloud. REdesignIT is an affordable and easy to engage, powerful and compact process that works with your key people to find your True Value and Future Potential, and maps out an Action Plan to guide your way. But you will not be left alone to apply this to your everyday operations.  The program also offers ongoing Mentoring to embed the change and maintain the new-found capability within your team.

Have the AIC facilitate a 'Strategic Review' within your Business, and provide guidance for you to realise the opportunities within your reach. See beyond the confusing fog and see your future in a whole new light.

Take control of your future. Create more value, and learn how to go about it as a �high performing team�.



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AIC Commercialisation Masterclass

This Professional Development workshop will assist researchers, product managers and entrepreneurs derive full value from their innovations and is designed for those with a general understanding of commercialisation principles.



“Very well done! Good to hear guest speakers.”

Heleen Van Daalen, Wauwy Design