Research Organisations

The AIC assists research organisations by providing commercialisation advice, project management services, tools and tailored solutions.

Serving universities, CRCs and research institutes, the AIC provides the following value:

  • tailored commercialisation frameworks and guidelines to help research organisations strategically manage their commercialisation and IP activities
  • validating commercial potential of research outcomes through secondary market research and business intelligence
  • increased staff retention through the delivery of professional development programs such as the AIC Commercialisation Bootcamp
  • increased research outcomes through commercialisation assistance to link industry with researchers

The AIC works with research organisations to assist them to form connections and collaborations with interested industry partners.  It does so using a demand-pull or market-pull approach where the AIC screens companies regarding their collaboration readiness, understands their specific research needs and then connects them to local, interstate and international research bodies with relevant capability and technologies.  

Specifically, AIC benefits research organisations through:

  • pre-screening SMEs' ability to collaborate and commercialise research
  • understanding SME needs and effectively communicating them to researchers
  • connecting relevant researchers and commercial office personnel with key decision makers in these pre-screened businesses
  • playing the role of independent facilitator to assist the parties establish sound commercial relationships and project plans
  • acting as an additional marketing channel for research organisation capability and IP

AIC Commercialisation Masterclass

This Professional Development workshop will assist researchers, product managers and entrepreneurs derive full value from their innovations and is designed for those with a general understanding of commercialisation principles.



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