The AIC has a team of highly-qualified and experienced professionals in the areas of innovation, commercialisation, IP, technology transfer, market research, economic and business development, consultancy and marketing and communications. 

The AIC is an important part of QMI Solutions, which is committed to delivering results and has a wealth of experience from business, industry, government and academia. The QMI Solutions Leadership Team provides the strategic direction for QMI Solutions and its brands, and are comprised of executives that have exceptional, broad experience and come from invaluable but diverse backgrounds.

The AIC's Lead Consultant is Rob Geddes.

The AIC also draws on the extended skills of the QMI Solutions Leadership Team.

What's your big idea Queensland?

Do you have a great idea but need help to get it off the ground? Here is your chance to make it happen. The Queensland Government and the Australian Industry Group are offering Queensland SMEs the opportunity to turn their big ideas into reality.



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