What are AIC TechClinics?

TechClinics are initiatives that assist the development of innovation and technology in SMEs through targeted collaborative R&D projects with the research sector.

Through the pre-selection of a strategically important issue for a firm, or a group of firms in an industry sector or networked value chain, TechClinics assist participants in understanding the issue, identifying opportunities and implementing innovative solutions from within their organisations and firms.

In their simplest form, AIC TechClinics promote the adoption of innovation and technology to solve problems for firms, and build new industry value chains and networks.

Why an AIC TechClinic?

Across various industries and industry sectors, TechClinics assist in the development and maintenance of deeper, more robust linkages between technology end-users, researchers, industry and government.

Using its proven TechClinic Delivery Procedure, AIC TechClinics achieve this by:

  1. Promoting awareness of solutions that may require application of alternative technologies or R&D outcomes;
  2. Increasing industry capability to develop and utilise technology;
  3. Improving uptake of technology to increase industry productivity and sustainability in new and expanding markets; and
  4. Supporting targeted collaborative research programs that are demand-driven by industry stakeholders.

What are AIC TechClinic Outcomes?

Stimulating technology receptiveness between the research community, government, SMEs and end-users enable participating parties to:

  1. Determine which R&D projects should be pursued;
  2. Identify long-term, flexible portfolio of R&D priorities;
  3. Identify appropriate parties to participate in research and commercialisation activities.

The AIC has conducted a range of TechClinics (components of the AIC Industry Innovation Framework):

AIC Industry Innovation Framework case studies:


AIC TechClinic® case studies:

AIC Commercialisation Masterclass

This Professional Development workshop will assist researchers, product managers and entrepreneurs derive full value from their innovations and is designed for those with a general understanding of commercialisation principles.



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